How to stay safe from virus

How to stay safe from virus

How to stay safe from virus

There are usually 2 types of cough for cough, cold and sore throat - dry and mucus cough. In most cases, dry cough is due to allergies etc., whereas cough with mucus is due to viral or bacterial infection. For cough with mucus, take such medicine or syrup which removes phlegm. If you take dry cough medicine when you have cough with mucus, then the mucus remains inside which harms us later.

Gargle and lukewarm water.

Gargling can be done twice a day when there is a sore throat, pain or accumulation of mucus. For this, mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm or tolerable water. No need to do more than this. The water should not be too hot. There is a risk of injury. Warm water: One benefit of drinking this is instant, that is, the swelling in the respiratory tract is reduced.

Steam is effective

One or two doctors refuse to take steam in corona infection, while more doctors are in favor of it. Yes, care must be taken that it does not become too much. This can cause trouble.

How long to steam

Steaming for 5 to 7 minutes at a time is enough. Do not mix anything in it. Nothing like medicine or capsules or salt of any kind. Steaming 1 to 2 times in a day (morning and evening) is good.

How to do it: - 

By boiling plain water, its steam is drawn in through the nose and mouth. For steam to work more effectively, it is necessary that we cover ourselves with a blanket or towel along with the steamer. Boiling plain water thoroughly for 5 minutes after inhaling steam is beneficial. Take through the nose, leave through the mouth and take through the mouth, release through the nose. Steam can also be taken from any normal vessel.

1. Do not splash hot water on the mouth or nose while taking steam.

2. Shut off itself after 10-15 minutes.

3. Give steam with fine drops.

4. There should be a button to control steam, that is, to accelerate or lighten.

5. Have an on-off indicator.

Mask is necessary

Well, there are different types of masks available in the market. Many are very cheap and some are a bit expensive. Never buy a mask just by looking at the price. Have a look at its usefulness. Nowadays the emphasis is on wearing double masks and it is also being said that it gives better protection.

Some things to keep in mind

 If you are buying a surgical mask (light green, cheap), then try to buy N-95 mask along with it. Wear the surgical on the outside and the N-95 on the inside. The advantage of this is that the surgical mask is usually worn once - if it is to be thrown, then it will be easy to throw if it is outside, and there will be no risk of virus etc. sticking to the outside of the N-95.

 Only cotton masks will not work. A better option is if the soft cotton mask is on the inside and the N-95 mask is on the outside. Because of cotton, there will be no desire to scratch the nose and mouth again and again, while the presence of N-95 will prevent the virus etc. from coming in. This combination of double masks is being liked a lot.

Worn properly

The more important it is to wear a mask, the more important it is to wear it properly.

The nose, mouth and chin should be properly covered with the mask.

The mask should not be loose i.e. there should be no space between the mask and the face.

Air should pass through the mask while breathing, not from the side.

One should not wear a mask that makes breathing difficult.

After wearing the mask, it should not be touched without washing or sanitizing hands.

Sanitize hands again after touching.

If there is itching due to sweat on the nose or mouth, then scratch it from the side.

Even while taking off the mask, it should not be touched directly from the outside. Take off the string first at the back of the ear or head. 

Two yards away

When the first wave of Corona came, people took it very seriously. Then the word became a part of common parlance and people downplayed its seriousness. The truth is that social distancing is still very effective in protecting against any variant of Corona. The distance of 2 yards  6 feet is equally important even today. Don't be part of the crowd. Whether it is a crowd party, in the market or anywhere else. If it is not very important, then do not go to the market place etc. And if you have to go, then keep in mind the distance of 2 yards. In closed places. 


Although it is always needed, but corona virus to keep hands clean. With the knock of it became more important. We have forgotten it now. It is very important to clean both hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds. At the same time, where soap and water are not available, ie in places like markets, sanitizers should be used. Do not use sanitizer when soap is available. If hands have been repeatedly cleaned with sanitizer when going out in the market or outside, then after returning home, after taking off shoes or slippers etc., after opening the mask wash hands again with soap for 20 seconds. This will also wash away the virus and the effect of the chemical of the sanitizer will also be reduced on the hands.

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