What are the causes of respiratory diseases

What are the causes of respiratory diseases

What are the causes of respiratory diseases

Air pollution is at its peak. In the morning, fog and smog have also started covering the sky. Along with this, outbreaks of respiratory diseases, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis have started increasing. Asthma and COPD during corona infection. This time is going to be very cautious for the patients. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major lung disease, also commonly known as chronic bronchitis. About 3.5 crore people in India suffer from this disease and every year 5 lakh people lose their lives.


This disease is mainly caused by those who use smoking such as bidi, cigarette, hookah and chillum. People who live or work with smokers also affect its smoke, which is called indirect smoking. In addition, people who live under the influence of dust, smoke and air pollution are also at risk of this disease. In rural areas, women who cook in a stove or fireplace are also vulnerable. The disease usually starts after 30 to 40 years of age.

What are their symptoms

Cough in the morning and gradually the cough starts to increase and after a few days the mucus comes out with cough. This problem is increased especially during the winter season. As the intensity of the disease increases, the patient starts breathing and the patient finds himself unable to perform normal tasks like bathing, walking, going to the bathroom etc.

The chest of the victim comes forward. In order to expel the stagnant breath inside the lungs, the lips are rounded and exhales with exertion. Throat muscles emerge and weight is lost.

The victim has difficulty lying down. Patients with this disease have an increased risk of heart disease. As the intensity of the disease increases, other parts of the body also get affected. Such as - weakening of bones, risk of diabetes, heart, kidney, liver, mental diseases, insomnia, depression and cancer problems etc.

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Normally, X-rays in the initial stage do not cause any defect in the lungs, but later the size of the lungs increases. As a result of this pressure increases, the heart becomes long and thin tube-like (tubular heart). The best screening for this disease is Spirometry (computer lung function check) or P.F. T while ABG in severe patients Through it, oxygen and carbon dioxide are tested in the blood. CT in some patients A scan is also required.

Treatmant this way

C.O.P.D. Inhaler therapy is best in the treatment of, which should be taken on the advice of a physician. These patients have more difficulty during winter, so the dosage of the medicine can be changed with the advice of the doctor, antibiotics can be taken on the advice of the doctor according to the condition of the cough and the condition of the disease. Nebulizers, oxygen and non-invasive ventilation (NIV) are also used in severe patients. In modern medicine, treatment is now being done like lung stent, valve, lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) and lung transplant.

Some Easy Tips to Rescue

C.O.P.D. A strong avoidance is the distance from smoking. Those patients who quit smoking early have more benefit. In addition, if the patient lives or acts in an environment of dust or smoke, he should change his environment soon or refrain from such work. Rural women should cook on gas stove in place of wood, coal or dung. Additionally C.O.P.D. Influenza vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine should be administered once in life for prevention. Avoid eating food and touching the eyes nose or mouth without washing with soap. Avoid shaking hands and express respect by greeting from a distance.

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What to do

Stay away from cold. Wear clothes that cover the entire body. Do wear a mask

Do not leave a good habit of washing hands with soapy water due to cold. This will prevent cold, flu and corona infection.

Take a bath with lukewarm water. Respiratory patients should avoid cold and keep contact with doctor. Also fix inhaler dose. Cold, cold, cough, flu breath patients should take steam in the morning and evening. This will be beneficial for the throat and respiratory tubes.

what not to do

Winter patients should not walk manning needed. Do not bathe in the morning with cold water. Respiratory patients should avoid the smoke of bonfire, otherwise a breath attack may occur.

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