Why does heart disease occurs

Why does heart disease

Why does heart disease occurs

India has the largest number of heart patients in the whole world. The number of heart patients is increasing day by day. Now after the infection of Kovid-19 virus, the number of patients and death due to arterial obstruction is being excessive. But in future, the number of patients can increase. It is seen that after the covid infection, the lung function is decreasing, the cardiovascular function is also increasing, the tendency of clotting in the blood is also increasing, along with the lack of knowledge in people, there is an atmosphere of fear. , Due to which heart patients are increasing more due to depression and stress.

The main drawback in heart patients is the inflamation in the blood vessel arteries, the contaminated defects inhibit the arteries by contaminating the blood metal. Due to prolonged inflammation in the pulse, there is a disease like peripheral vascular diseases, which are called cardio vascular diseases, when there is swelling and stiffness in the pulse, more fatty strokes are formed. . This process causes so much inflammation that the third layer of arteries becomes thicker the muscular layer, this process is called prolye formation, due to which the artery becomes active due to which blood circulation stops near swollen pulse. And artery spasms. According to modern research, free radicals oxidize the LDL cholesterol, then the arteries become inflamed, the swollen part explodes, then a blood clot is formed, causing death due to blockage in the arterial tract. Goes what is called heart attack. And the narrowing of the arteries increases due to which there is pain in the chest and towards the left arm, which is called angina pectoris.

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These are due to heart disease

Now everyone is living a modern fast pace, adopting an unsymmetrical, irregular lifestyle, along with increasing pollution, stress, depression has weakened his health, health deteriorating disease, many types of diet. Consuming chemicals, pesticides, color preservatives, canned food, we are falling ill due to many reasons

Some of them are as follows

1. Hereditary, diet-

We all use more of potatoes, rice, salt flour and refined flour, sugar sweets, dairy products, and high blood pressure due to lack of physical and exercise, high speed lifestyle. , Diseases like diabetes surround our body. Seasonal detritus, smoking, fastfood, long-term medicines that slow down our metabolic activity, in addition to different types of viruses that harm the heart. Most important of these, according to our nature country, we are not using dietary and chemicals. Which is causing not only heart disease but all serious long term diseases. Against the nature of people, which has three nature.

A. Kaph Prakriti 

People of Kapha Prakriti (obese person) would have more use of ghee, oil, sugar, sweet potato, rice, wheat, gold in the day, use of cold water, cold drinks, canned yogurt, ice cream etc. Huh

B. Vat Prakriti

(Thinking of lean skinny, rusty in the body unstable) - Severe acidity, rude salty tea, coffee, smoking, bitter gourd in food etc. Neem leaves, night awakening, physical exercise, exercising more

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C.  Pit Prakriti

(skin warm, angry, early white hair, thin - thin, acidity, burning sensation in feet), more hot, sour, salty. Tea - A person who uses coffee, alcohol, smoking etc. is more The food against nature is slow fire and enraged fire which cannot digest even the small food (food), which causes the food to become like poison and then it gets contaminated with amorous blood by going into the heart and causing inflammation and blockage in the arteries. Does as well.

Chest pain, rashes, agitation, darkness in front of eyes, discoloration of body, nausea, sweating, fever may also occur.

Why does heart disease

Common Symptoms:

There may be chest pain, rashes, agitation, darkness in front of the eyes, distorted body color, nausea, sweating, fever etc.

2. Angina pectoris -

After a lot of hard work or after a meal, some such problems arise like restlessness in the patient, face pale, sweating, resting after some time, the pain is mostly on the left arm. In this way, the patient's BP can increase, they get relief from blood thinning medicines.

3. Coronary Thrombosis -

It is invasive during rest at night, restlessness increases in the patient, blackness (cynosis) comes on the face, impulse is prolonged and fever may also be present.

What to do to prevent heart disease

After 35-40 years, most people start increasing fat on the hip and abdomen, then it should be understood that insulin is slowly becoming ineffective in the body. With this, the fat in the cells has started to increase, due to which the arteries start to stiffen, due to which BP starts to increase, HDL starts to decrease. LDL starts growing. The amount of triglyceride also starts to increase. At the same time, sugar also starts increasing, then we should understand that slowly the heart disease is starting, then the following precautions should be started. Regularly do 45 to 60 minutes of walking, doing yoga, pranayam, exercise, sports, etc. in which the body should sweat. Include in the diet acuric grains, fresh seasonal fruits, fresh seasonal vegetables, mixed grains with fiber, especially gourd, luffa, tinde, parwal, bitter gourd peanut, lentils, lettuce, barley, jowar, millet, gram, wheat etc. Also, take food freshly digestible, in appropriate quantity according to season, take care not to drink water immediately after meals and drink water after about one hour, do not take anything for three hours after meals and do not stay hungry for more than 6 hours. Do not include tea, coffee, cocoa etc. with food, due to which the absorption of micronutrients is not absorbed.

Treatment :

If a healthy person takes these medicines, then there is no possibility of heart disease or decrease.

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