Why do people who suffer from arthritis, swelling, back pain in winter have more problems

Why do people who suffer from arthritis, swelling, back pain in winter have more problems

Why do people who suffer from arthritis, swelling, back pain in winter have more problems

The first thing to do is to understand why and how we feel winter or summer. It happens that the temperature of our body (mammals, who give birth to children) is fixed while the body temperature of the creep (snake, lizard etc.) varies according to the season. This is why snakes and lizards resemble life in winter. They go into hibernation. Due to which they require less energy and heat. The same body temperature of us humans remains close to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Which does  not change according to the season. If the temperature changes, we fall ill. In this situation, when the outside temperature is low and the body temperature is high in winter, the more part of our body will come in contact with the outside, the colder we get. When there is a difference in temperature, the heat flows from the higher temperature to the lower temperature, that is, the heat starts coming out of our body. To avoid this, we wear warm clothes so that our body temperature is maintained and our body heat loss is minimized.

Use of heaters and blowers properly

Blowers or heaters are used in most homes during the winter season. Due to which the temperature inside the house is fine and our body gets a lot of rest. But here it is very important to keep some things in mind

People who have pain during the winter season should avoid dry heat. Actually, the main reason for this is that in winter, the skin becomes dry like this and we make the skin and muscles more dry by giving dry heat. Due to which the risk of increasing pain in our body is increased. In such a situation, we should try to reduce dry heat. Instead, we can use the heat produced by hot water. For example, if you want to heat hands, feet etc., use a hot water bag. If you have pain problems like this, use the blower sparingly.

In this season, due to difference in temperature, problems of arthritis, swelling, back pain increase. Usually when we are in the house or car, the temperature inside is high and then when we suddenly get out of some work, then it increases the risk of headache and muscle pain. We need to reduce the temperature difference before exiting. Turn off the heater or blower at least 10 minutes in advance. Due to which we do not have much trouble due to exposure to the temperature of the deaf environment, if you are compelled to sit in front of the heater during the winter season, then definitely apply oil 5 (coconut oil or mustard) in the organ which is being roasted from the heater. Also keep it covered.

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Arthritis should cover the area of ​​pain

The organ in which arthritis is painful, cover it more. Suppose someone has trouble with the knee, then he should cover the knee properly. For this you can use Ni-cap. If you want, you can remove the ni-cap at bedtime. At the same time, if you are wearing inner in the feet, then you can leave the knee cap. Similarly, if someone has pain in his elbow, he should wear a full-sleeved inner and sweater so that the cold air on the side is exposed to the minimum temperature. Similarly, if someone has a heel pain, he should wear the socks of wool in the whole winter also at home. Yes, you can also remove it while sleeping because at that time you are in a blanket or quilt.

Things to keep in mind in arthritis

Arthritis can be of many types, but the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, which we also call arthritis.

Osteoarthritis occurs in older people. Knee problems are more in such people. Rheumatoid arthritis This is a case of autoimmunity. In this, the body starts working against itself. It causes stiff joints. Weight gain should be kept in mind in both these problems. It is generally seen that people prefer sweet food more during the winter season, due to which the body weight starts to increase. Even we stop doing yoga and exercises which were done in the summer, continue them in the winter. If there is more pain in a particular organ, then tell this to the doctor and stop the exercise. If there is a work of sitting continuously, then take a 5-minute break at the half-hour gap and do stretching. Take vitamin-D and calcium supplements with the advice of a doctor. When it was sunny, even sitting in the sun. Do not put too much pressure on the joint, such as lifting heavy objects. Lifting  heavy buckets, etc. while mopping. Also choose toilets with American texture in the toilet. Avoid the Indian texture. Because  the pressure in the knees is more in Indian-made toilet. Whenever taking a bath, take a bath with lukewarm water. If it is too cold, bathing can also be postponed.

If you get hurt then do this remedy

Although there is no season for injury, it can happen anytime. But there is a way to reduce its pain. Whom we can adopt immediately after the injury even at home. If there is injury or pain, swelling and bleeding, then foment with cold pack or ice. Usually, the swelling goes away in 24 to 48 hours, that is, when the swelling starts, foment with cold. When swelling subsides, ie after 24 to 48 hours, foment with hot pack. The thing to keep in mind here is that the wound is not open i.e. there is no bleeding.

Why do people who suffer from arthritis, swelling, back pain in winter have more problems

Back pain in women

Whether it is cold or heat, back pain is common in women. The main reason for this is the lack of vitamin-D and blood in most women. In winter it causes muscle contraction and bone stiffness. To avoid back pain, first of all it is necessary that the waist is not exposed to cold. For this, if you want, wrap a warm cloth around the waist. Also, foment with hot water packs 2 to 3 times a day for 10 minutes. Take vitamin-D and supplements with doctor's advice

Ayurveda advice in arthritis

It has been said to adopt some things in the winter season, such as having a good morning breakfast after completing sleep, light lunch and avoid eating at night or very light and till 7 o'clock. Then after that try not to eat  anything. Swallow 2 garlic cloves with water on an empty stomach every morning or chew it. Swallow raw linseed in the morning and night with one spoon of water or chew it. . It is not that these two have to be taken only in winter. They can be taken year round. Take ginger in ginger tea or salad every day. Half to one inch piece of ginger will be enough.

Now let's talk about arthritis and arthritis in Ayurveda, there is an exact cure for it. If we take all these 6 herbs in the quantity of 150 grams, then the content of 900 grams will be done. Mix them properly and make 1 packet of 16 grams. In this way, the content of decoction will be ready for a person for about 2 months (56 to 57 packets). Boil 150 grams of Nirgundi, Nagarmotha, Harrishngar (Parijat) flowers, Chopchini, Nirvishi and Ashwagandha with the help of 1 gram of water in 1 glass of water. When it remains half glass (in about 10 minutes) then filter it. Then drink it while taking tea as a snack.

In general, to cure or reduce pain, this decoction should be taken 1 month. If there is a case of osteo-arthritis, then this decoction should be taken 3 months. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, taking it for 1 year definitely helps.

Note: - Take any medicine only on the advice of the physician. Sometimes medicine can also be changed due to other diseases.


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