5 Ways arthritis pain treatment and diet plan in winter

Arthritis pain treatment and diet plan in winter, 13 Arthritis Pain Relief Tips for Winter Weather

5 Ways arthritis pain treatment and diet plan in winter

All seasons have their own unique strengths and challenges. The condition of winter is also the same. While on the one hand it relieves heat, prevents sweat and heat, on the other hand in this season many people have the problem of aggravating chronic pain, arthritis etc. Now we cannot change the cold to heat. , But we can definitely adopt the methods that will reduce or eliminate our pain.

Many reasons for aggravation of muscles and arthritis in winter

Reduced air pressure in winter

It is true that in winter the air pressure is low. Sometimes it also affects our body. Even the muscles of the body and connective tissue (which connect muscles to bones and muscles to muscles) get inflamed. Due to which they become very stiff. This can also result in pain. A way to avoid this is to keep exposure to cold air to a minimum.

Decreased blood circulation

To keep the temperature of our heart and mind right during the winter season, more and more blood is required at both these places. If this is not done and the temperature of these organs falls, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases. Therefore, the body has developed such a system that both these organs get more blood than the rest of the body during the winter season. Due to which there is some amount of blood loss in the joint and muscles. Pain and swelling can result. To avoid this, it is important that we keep our physical activity right.

Decreased physical activity in winter

Physical activity decreases in winter compared to other seasons. People who do a lot of exercise and yoga in the summer also postpone many times in the winter or reduce it considerably. Not only this, we also get laziness to get out of quilts or blankets, so we also do many household chores which we used to do ourselves before winter came. This makes it difficult for our body to maintain proper temperature  Because when we do physical work, we breathe quickly and our heartbeats also become faster. This creates excess heat in the body. Since the body needs more heat in winter, we give it less heat than before. Due to which the problem of swelling and pain may increase.

Special attention should be paid to catering to joint pain and arthritis

During the winter season, who have problems with joint pains, gout, arthritis etc., then such people should not eat those food products at all or reduce the amount of which the uric acid in our body is more. Such as: alcohol, sodic drinks, packed fruit juice, gram dal, rajma, high protein food etc. These types of food increase the pain in our body.

What should we eat?

You can eat 1 or 2 oranges every day, take garlic and ginger in your meal if you want, make a decoction by drinking basil leaves, cloves, cinnamon, ginger every day and drink half a cup. If possible, make bread with flour of mixed grains (mixing equal parts of lentils, maize, wheat, rice, millet etc.) and eat them, and one thing whenever you eat in the winter season, eat the food only by heating it.

Water is very important in winter

The biggest problem of the winter season is that there is less thirst. Due to which people also drink less water. It is true that many people drink less water to avoid the problem of frequent urination, who will come out of the quilt repeatedly this winter. It is wrong to have this kind of thinking. The truth is that one of the major reasons for body pain is the lack of water in the body. Whether we feel thirsty or not, drink 2 liters of water throughout the day. If you drink lukewarm water  Even better. It keeps your body warm

Do oil massage

Massage with oil is often advised during winter season. The truth is that applying oil in winter has always been beneficial. To protect the body from dryness, apply oil. Apply coconut oil or mustard oil or sesame oil throughout the body. Apply them with light hands.

Keep special attention while massaging

Do not massage oil whenever there is swelling or pain in any organ. Blood flow is better in winter, for which you want to massage or get oil, then start massaging with more pressure than the feet and reduce the pressure by moving upwards i.e. reaching the knees and then very little on Thai. Similarly, when there is no pain on the back, you can massage. Since the blood flow to the skin and other organs in winter is less than that of the brain and heart, massage can be beneficial. It is also important to understand here that the work of the heart is to pump the blood to every part of the body, in this work it usually does not have much trouble. But to pull back from the legs and other distant part to the blood heart, it takes more heart because there is no heart in the legs. In such a situation, when we do massage against gravity and towards the heart, it will benefit the heart. That is, while massaging, your hand should be below the bottom

Do not take painkillers for pain relief

If you are comfortable with the massage or not, do not use a pen killer without asking your doctor. The use of Painkiller has a very bad effect on both the kidneys and liver. The doctor knows which painkillers to give for how many days and in what quantity. Therefore, it is advisable to take painkillers only after asking the doctor.

You can also treat your pain with a physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a much better option than using a pen killer for pain relief from arthritis. Now, physiotherapy centers have opened in every small and big cities, where you can treat the organ with pain or with the help of exercise, hot and cold therapy, pen electric therapy etc. with the advice of experts. There have been many cases when physiotherapists have given relief to patients from chronic injuries, which have also proved to be very effective

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