What is the difference between a cough with a corona

What is the difference between a cough with a corona

What is the difference between a cough with a corona

Although we did not take the mild cough very seriously , but since coughing in (oohoo-oohoo) since the corona has come, the ears of the people stand up and the cougher has to be cleaned. These days Many questions arise in the minds of people with coughs that are required to be answered , such as cough is what reasons , cough What is the difference between Corona and cough  ? The reasons for cough can be many. But it is associated with the whole process of direct breathing. When we  draw air through the nose holes, after these holes, the air reaches the pocket ie the sinus (upper part inside the nose) present in the bones. It is here that the body changes the temperature of the air according to its needs , that is , nowadays , the temperature is higher. Many times when sinus infection occurs, there is a problem of sinusitis. If this problem increases more then it is considered chronic . This creates a kind of ball , which is called ' polyp ' . It is extracted after the operation. 

After the sinus, the air enters the throat , where it first traces through the ferringes , then through the larynx. That is, the wind reaches the pipe. It then reaches the ' bronchi ' , a thin pipe connecting the langs . Then in the small balus of the langs ie Alviolai. If there is a defect in the air in this entire path or there is a problem in the passage of air, then the trouble comes in the form of cough. Cough may also be dry or mucous. Sometimes it is also accompanied by fever and headache. 

Causes and symptoms of cough Common cold means cold

Cold , complaining of fever , dry cough on the nose is possible. It can also be caused by high pollution. It usually sneezes , water from the nose . This problem is mostly associated with nose and throat . It does not have cough symptoms mostly with pneumonia . There is no problem in breathing. 


Headache and dry or phlegmatic cough. It is also called sinusitis. It causes infection and inflammation in the sinuses.  

Throat (Poorings Bad )

It has a dry cough , since its onset is worse than the throat or the ferringes present here , so it is also known as pharyngitis. There is swelling in the throat .  
Swelling of the larynx below the throat
It is also known as legitis. Mucus cough starts from here. The sound does not come out correctly. Something feels stuck in the throat.

The trachea infection

It sounds like ' dog barking ' when coughing . Sometimes mucus also comes. Pain is felt by pressing the upper part of the chest and the lower part of the neck with the finger . If the infection is severe , the lymph nodes present close to the trachea sometimes become inflamed , causing lumps to form. When the doctor presses the patient's chest to examine, then there is a feeling of pain and coughing . X-rays and CT scans are required to confirm this.  

Lung infection

Most infections in the lungs are pneumonia. It is both bacterial and viral. It contains cough with mucus. This can be for several days or weeks. In this, antibiotics have to be taken to eliminate infection-causing viruses or bacteria . Coronavirus also causes infections in the lungs. This is also a kind of pneumonia. Since a drug to eliminate the corona virus is not , because it is dangerous.  


Usually accompanied by mild fever , it is possible even without fever. If the symptoms of corona are not severe and there is no breathing problem then a dry cough may occur. But the infection is severe , mucus may also come pneumonia symptoms. Post-Kovid i.e. Corona report, even after coming negative, one gets complaints of cough. It can last for several weeks. Mostly there is a cough with mucus , some people also have a dry cough. 


It occurs even without the weather , but it tends to be more when the pollution increases or the weather changes. It starts once and continues continuously. There is usually a cough with mucus. It is caused by shrinkage in the trachea and its small tube. There is a sound of noise from the chest. Trouble breathing.


Lungs are most affected in this disease. Its initial symptom is cough. It first causes a dry cough. Later on, it becomes mucus and blood with cough . If cough persists for 14 days or more, then TB should be checked. TB also fills the lungs with water. 

Due to allergies

This cough does not occur according to the season. It can occur in any season. It may be non-productive cough , frequent sneezing comes , is Jdta water nose. Actually , it can be caused by some kind of smell. It is temporary. If we go away from that place or because of which there is an allergy or remove it, then the cough stops. Because of the dust Pollution , present pollen in flowers , new clothes, etc. can be for any reason.

Acid reflection

Hearing it may sound strange , but many times our more oil and spices , while eating , due to no definite time eating etc. even cough becomes troublesome. Actually , because of this our digestion is affected and the body extracts more acid to digest food. This acid often reaches the throat above the stomach . This causes coughing. It also causes trouble in breathing . Apart from these, heart problems , high BP or over cigarette smoking can also cause cough .  

All types of cough treatment and caution

Except for a common cold cough, if you are coughing due to any other reason or if the symptoms mentioned above are present , then treat them with a doctor. Do not take medicine with the help of Google nor by asking the medical store. Actually , cough is just one symptom of an infection. We take cough medicine by Google or by asking from medical store, while we do not treat infection. It is subordinated to the cough , the risk of infection increases. Later it does more damage. See a doctor if the cough becomes more than 2 weeks .      

Such relief in all types of cough

  • Drink lukewarm water throughout the day  
  • Should drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day , there is no lack of water in the body 
  • Avoiding eating cold things and protecting the body from cold winds
  • Avoiding fried and spicy things. 
  • Make a decoction by drinking ginger , cloves , black pepper , raw turmeric , liquorice etc. in the winter .

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