How to know if there is fever in corona period

How to know if there is fever in corona period

How to know if there is fever in corona period

It is said that even if the fever does not last for many years, the ear should be erected and it is important to be careful even if it happens again and again. Actualy, fever is the result of some other problem. It can also be caused by an infection, and without any infection, you know about some specific reason for it.   

It becomes fever

A fever situation occurs when the soldiers in our body, ie antibodies, fail to fight against the outside antigen ie virus or bacteria or any kind of infection. Then the only way to control the number of such antigens near the body is to increase the body temperature. When the body temperature increases, the activity of existing hormones and enzymes in our body starts slowing down and we become lethargic. Also , it is difficult for the antigen from outside to increase its production even at higher temperatures . If the production of antigen slows down or stops, the increase in fever also stops. But if the infection is high then the body goes on increasing its temperature. Fever goes up to 104, 105 degrees Fahrenheit. At such a temperature the patient starts having epileptic seizures. And fainting starts shattering. If such a situation arises in the house, a cold bandage is kept. Doctors first give the medicine to reduce fever , then after infection check antibiotic. 

How to know there is no disease but fever is a symptom of disease

Fever is not a disease , but it is definitely a symptom of the disease. There is some reason for fever. Fever cannot happen without reason. The bigger the reason is, the bigger the disease , the stubbornness of the fever will be the same. Suppose someone has a common flu. The effect of the flu or influenza virus usually lasts for 3 days , after which it begins to wane . Therefore, the fever due to flu also lasts for 3 days , then it ends. At the same time, fever is due to corona, so it can remain for 9 days or even longer.   

What is the normal temperature in fever ?

The average body temperature can vary from person to person. Normal body temperature is 36.5 - 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius , 97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit . 

Fever temperature

When the body temperature is above 99.5 ° F (or 37.5 ° C), it is called fever.
Note: Some people may also feel like fever at 99 degrees Fahrenheit , which we can call hararat (lethargy), but not fever. It is caused by tiredness or soaking in rain etc. It does not usually require treatment. Resting helps to heal.

There can be many reasons for fever

Viral infection , bacterial (typhoid) infection , protozoal (malaria) effect , fungal etc. - due to infection in the kidney , may be fever caused by -ifekshn liver.

How about food in fever

According to allopathy, eat as much as the normal days in fever. These days the body needs more energy. Therefore , there should be no shortage, otherwise weakness will increase. There is no lack of water. It is good to drink normal or lukewarm water. You can definitely drink 7 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Speaking of eating far as whatever you like, eat it. Just keep in mind that the food should be easily digested, have less oil and spices. Such as khichdi, rice and moong or lentil water. When making khichdi or lentils, one can wash and add seasonal vegetables or greens to it. Nowadays ghee, cabbage, carrots, Spinach etc. is available in plenty in the market. If cold and cough with fever cool things like - ice cream, do not water the fridge etc. Along with this, a seasonal fruit must also be consumed. Such as orange, guava , papaya etc. Whenever you have fever and visit a doctor, understand the food and drink well. In fact, eating is not prohibited in allopathy, provided the patient has no other problem. It is also important to mention here that fasting is considered very important in Ayurveda and Naturopath medicine system , especially in fever.

Taking a shower if you have a fever or not ?

Bathing in fever is not forbidden, but if someone is having a fever with shivering and cold, it will be very difficult to take a bath. Yes, when fever is coming out, a lot of sweat comes out of the body. In such a situation, after the fever subsides or completely subsides, then wipe the body thoroughly by soaking a towel or soaking it with normal water. After this, do not forget to wipe with a dry towel. If you do not do this then itching will start in the body and there may be a risk of fungal infection.   

How to know if there is fever in corona period

What to do if the child has fever ?

There is not much difference between fever of children and fever of elders. There is such a difference that the immunity of children is not as developed as that of adults. So they have more infection and as a result, fever is also more. Since children are not able to tell their problems properly and completely , the role of parents becomes important in case of fever. In case of fever, the parents should take special care of some things, because the doctors ask these questions to their parents before the children ...

1. How much is the diet of children affected ? Has the child reduced eating and drinking significantly ? What does she like to eat ?
2. Does stomach pain after eating , gas trouble also reverse ?
3. Children are often the stool , like its color , how the thickness ?
4. How long does the child sleep , how long does he sleep ?
5. Did rashes or fibers also occur on the children's bodies ?
6. Is there trouble even getting along with other children ?
7. How about cold , cough ? Does the cough also contain mucus and what color is it ?
8. Does the child's breath also swell ?
9. Are you allergic to anything ? Please pay attention to these questions. If you have any of these problems, then tell the doctor. Also, if vaccination is done, tell the doctor. Paracetamol syrup may be given during early fever in children , but it is also necessary to consult a doctor.

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