Will it be necessary to apply a mask even after the vaccine arrives

Will it be necessary to apply a mask even after the vaccine arrives

Will it be necessary to apply a mask even after the vaccine arrives

Billions of people have to be vaccinated to deal with the covid- 19 epidemic. Many believe that after this we can reach the situation before Corona , when everything was fine. Conversely, experts believe that this is not the end of the fight against Corona and people will have to adopt security measures for the future. People who have been vaccinated , also have to wear masks. Will be required Let's know why this is so ? 

Trusting just one vaccine is not good

The covid- 19 vaccine can solve many of our problems and prevent infection. However, many unresolved questions are before us. A vaccine our body teaches to develop antibodies to detect viral strains, but the virus completely eliminated Krtikyh exactly how to impart immunity or exposure to risk will cut, you're going to ask that question now. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the COVID - 19 vaccine is still to be considered. Even if more vaccines are to come in the near future. We do not yet know which vaccine would be most effective and provide the most protection. Will do. Also, there is a difference in the extent of vaccine effects in clinical trials and in the real world. Therefore the vaccine may not show the exact results as in clinical trials. It would therefore be wrong to conclude that the vaccine would completely eradicate the covid- 19 pandemic.

Will it be necessary to apply a mask even after the vaccine arrives

 Mask will reduce infection risk

The mask is better than any other health remedy for disease protection. We have a reason to wear masks exists, which has been adopted by many countries. People with respiratory diseases can reduce the risk of infection by 70 percent if they wear masks properly. It can also prevent the spread of disease, an infected person wears it in the crowd. As well as other types of germs and prevents the spread of such infections, spread through contact.  

It will take years to regain group immunity

The vaccine has recently arrived. So it can take a very long time to regain group immunity. We have today the challenges of population and logistics. It may take about 3 years to apply the vaccine to the majority of the population. When vaccine rate increase so, then we can think about the end of the epidemic.        

We don't know who got vaccinated or not

It is almost impossible to apply the vaccine to everyone. Meaning. That's still a situation is such, that we harrowing virus can expose. We will not know who has got the vaccine or not. At the same time, some covid vaccine adjuvants and booster shots are also needed for adequate protection. In this situation, when we do not know who is contagious and who is not, the use of masks and other safety measures will help us to be safe. This will continue until the next year or until the large population and at-risk people are vaccinated.   

Not everyone can be vaccinated

Vaccination to billions of people is not an easy task. There are also people who cannot be vaccinated. This is due to medical reasons and diseases. This means that they are still vulnerable and can spread the virus to others.

Chance of re-infection

Viruses changing over time and developing are known and SARS-COV-2 is the same though, scientists have not yet decided how long, how much protection will be provided by the vaccine Also, if vaccine shots are missed or not applied properly then there is a possibility of re-infection of covid- 19.

Waiting for real data

There is no safe answer yet. Although it largely community spread, your sensitivity, vaccine effectiveness, people awareness and similar other things depends on. As long as we have the corona virus to prevent the spread or to slow down is not the actual data of the effects of the vaccine, will not be involved in the meantime do not use masks or risk full work wise decision.

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