Some special things related to the symptoms and investigation of corona virus

Some special things related to the symptoms and investigation of corona virus

Some special things related to the symptoms and investigation of corona virus

If someone in your family is Korana positive or someone has spent a few moments with someone who is later confirmed to be corona, such people must get their corona test done. This test can be a quick antigen test or RT-PCR. After this test, if someone reports positive, but they do not have any symptoms of corona, then they do not need treatment. Actually, there is no vaccine nor medicine for Corona yet. Yes, only symptoms are treated now. Therefore, if there are no symptoms then no treatment is needed. At the same time it is also true that such people have corona careers. They can spread the corona virus to others. Therefore, be sure to apply them with a mask and follow a distance of 6 feet. After 17 days, he can meet the people of his household like normal days, yet social distancing will have to be followed. Actually, Corona has not yet been treated, only its symptoms are treated now.

When is the need for X-rays and CT scans

Investigation by such machines for peeping inside the body is used where the picture is not clear from the report. It is important to understand here that it happens many times that the corona patient report is negative, but the symptoms are those with corona (especially pneumonia), ie there is a problem in the langs. Generally CT scan works in such cases. With this help, the real state of the lungs is known.

Corona is also used to check for infection.

There have also been some cases when the symptoms are of corona but test reports came back negative. The person has trouble breathing.

CT scan is more effective than X-ray. X-rays reveal the condition of the lungs but not the clotting inside.

A CT scan is required to see the clotting inside the lungs.

CT scans can be treated.

Talk about the value of CT

If RT-PCR test is done, a lot of information is given along with the corona report. One of the information is the value of CT (Threshold Cycle). The result is usually based on the CT value, how quickly the infection of the corona present in the body is spreading and how dangerous it is.

It is believed that a lower CT value means less virus load and a higher CT value means more. But the point to note here is that there have been cases when the CT value of the patient was low, but the symptoms of corona were very high and the Cr value was high but the corona had very little symptoms.

Sometimes the presence of the virus in the sample of the swab also decreases, whereas the infection of the virus inside the body can also be more. The CT report cannot be treated as correct.

Doctors also rarely treat treatment by looking at the CT value. They treat the condition by looking at the patient's condition and current symptoms. This is the reason why ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has not given any guidelines to labs to write CT value.

Some special things related to the symptoms and investigation of corona virus

When to have a double check?

Isolation has to remain in isolation for 17 days after the report is reported. After this, it is not very important to have a check if there are no symptoms, provided one has to go to a place where there is a demand for corona report. We usually have a double check when the symptoms of corona are gone or at least 17 days have passed. There are also cases when the patient does not have any symptoms, but the report comes positive. Actually, it is due to the presence of dead virus or inactivated virus in the body even after completing isolation. Even if such viruses are not harmful to the body. However, the report may need to be updated in the Arogya-Setu app.

Corona should not spread to family members, for this it is necessary ...

Work should be done to strengthen the immunity of all the members.

The battle with Corona has to be fought a long time, so preparations have to be continued. For this it is also important that we keep our routine and diet right.

Avoid eating cold things like ice cream and cold drinks etc.

The weather is changing, so it is important to pay attention to the body. Keep mosquito away to avoid dengue.

If someone has corona with dengue, it can be very dangerous.

Whoever goes out of the house and meets other people must follow the mask and the distance of 6 feet.

Try not to go out and eat market-made items.

When coming from outside, keep your slippers or shoes outside the house.

If there is an outside person in the house, meet the distance. Do not remove the mask from the face.

If possible, take a bath with lukewarm water or change clothes and clean hands, feet and face thoroughly with soap.

If you want to use a mask again, dry it in the sun after cleaning it with soap or detergent and use it on the fourth day. In this case, keep the option of 4 masks.

Put turmeric in warm water or lukewarm water and gargle 1 time.

After coming from outside, drink 1 glass of lukewarm water.

Do not come from outside and do not bathe or clean hands with elders and children of the house.

If a person who goes out every day feels a little deteriorated, then he should immediately keep distance from family members. If desired, you can also apply mask.

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