What to do when the symptoms are not there, but the report is positive

When the symptoms are not there, but the report is positive, then these 3 work

When the symptoms are not there, but the report is positive, then these 3 work

Nowadays there are many people who are infected with corona but they do not show symptoms. Do such people also need to take special care? Can these people pose a threat to those around them

When there is a corona positive in the family or there has been a report of a person who has been in contact, then the corona can be examined. If during that time the care of social distancing has not been taken and the mask is not installed, then the investigation should be done. Whether or not the symptoms of corona are visible at that time. It can be an antigen test or the RTPCRI results are positive or negative, have to go out of the house only after applying mask and following the distance of 6 feet.In the family, whose test is positive, let him remain in self isolation. Even after the report of other family members comes positive, if symptoms do not arise i.e. if they are without symptoms then keep in mind the important things.

1. Keep the settlement of home isolation as follows

The health of a patient with no symptoms is not a big concern for himself, but he can spread the infection to others, so keep in mind the important points of isolation:

The patient should wear a three-layer mask at all times during home or self isolation. Change this mask every 12 hours. If you find that the mask has become wet due to sweat or has become dirty with sunlight, replace it immediately.

If the mask has become wet due to sweat or is dirty with sunlight, replace it immediately.

The mask should be thrown into the dustbin only after it has been disinfected with 1 percent sodium hypochloride.

During isolation, the patient should remain in a fixed room only. Also, everyone should stay away from family. Particularly, distance is needed from elderly, hypertensive patients, who have heart problems or who have kidney problems.

Take care of cleanliness. After touching anywhere, keep the hands clean using a sanitizer.

Do not use the personal things of others nor give your belongings to other people for use.

Follow the guidelines that the doctor explains. This has to be done even after the patient has fully recovered. Also keep checking your body temperature regularly.

Patients without symptoms or less symptoms do not have problems like sneezing or coughing, so family members can go to her room and put food on her by applying a mask.

Washrooms are different for such people if possible. If not, disinfect it after use.

2. Keep an eye on body gestures

If the corona reaches our home for some reason, then the family members whose health and immune system are somewhat weak (eg elderly, BP and sugar patient, 10

Keep an eye on the health of children below the age of the year or those who have a heart or some other major illness). Even if the corona is without symptoms.

Must see oxygen level

If you see any different symptoms than normal, then immediately become alert.

Do not ignore the symptoms at all.

Must keep oximeter at home. At the price of Rs 600, the oximeter starts getting available. Their options will also be available on Amazon & Flipkart etc. Be sure to check the feedback before purchasing.

With its help, keep checking whether the person is getting the right amount of oxygen. If Oxigen's level is more than 94, then there is no problem.

Keep an eye on oxygen levels for up to 7 days after corona positive reports and symptoms are seen. Well it depends entirely on the patient's condition. Symptoms may persist in some people even after the corona report is negative. Breathing problems may also be seen in them. In this case, it is necessary to check oxygen levels 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and night) until fully recovered. If there is any breathing problem in between, then also check the level of oxygen.

How to use Oximeter

Although an oximeter is used to indicate the correct level of oxygen, some oximeters may give incorrect readings. It would be better to put the first finger in the hand of two people of the same age, called index finger, in an oximeter. In the case of an adult, the oximeter gives readings between 97 and 100.

Don't worry if this reading goes down for a few seconds and then increases. This reading varies. It can also be caused by the finger moving. If the finger is wet (sweat, watery), cold, even then the reading may come wrong. Finger placement may be incorrect, thin fingers or children's fingers may also have incorrect readings.

Inaccurate readings may occur even if the hand is not fixed. Keep the hand fixed on any surface such as a bed or table.

When the reading is low (below 94), keep the oximeter for a while. If the reading does not increase by itself, try using the first finger of the other hand. Even if you see less, consider it right.

Sometimes a few seconds of the pulse pulse starter may give incorrect readings. So be patient. The reading settles in a while.

If less than 94 reaches 90, talk to the doctor and follow his advice.

It is also important to keep in mind here that there is no panic. Many times the siding is low in the beginning. If readings are 90 or less for 15 to 30 minutes, then see a doctor.

Can keep portable oxygen cylinders at home

If there is a corona patient at home, even if it is not without symptoms or less symptoms, then for that, you can take emergency measures. Apart from contacting the doctor, also keep the emergency number of the nearest hospital. Apart from these, you can also keep portable oxygen cylinders at home with the advice of a doctor. It also weighs less. It does not even cost much. This can be done till you reach the hospital or ambulance.

Note: The price may be lower, the bands are more.

Note: Before purchasing a portable oxygen cylinder, consult the doctor about its usefulness.

When the symptoms are not there, but the report is positive, then these 3 work

Monitor body temperature

Whenever an infection occurs, the body temperature increases. In such a situation, the family starts seeing temperature again and again. In such a situation it is important to take care of some things.

In more than 90 percent of corona cases, fever is a common symptom in patients.

If the body temperature is above 99 Fahrenheit, then 1 tablet of Paracetamol composition can be taken. Doctor's advice is necessary for correct dosage.

Doctors usually advise on how often to check the temperature at intervals.

If fever is increasing, take the temperature once in an hour. This makes it easier to understand the graph of fever. Keep a diary and record the readings in it.

Mercury thermometers or digital are both easily available in the market.

The mercury thermometer has to be jerked several times to bring it to normal position. However, in many cases, there is a risk of breaking the thermometer by hand.

Digital thermometer significantly reduces fever readings. It is easy.

Never put the thermometer in the mouth, press it under the arm next to it.

If you do not believe the reading, then you can try another person.

Corona should be a separate thermometer for the patient.

Many times the thermometer does not fit correctly or there is sweating in the armpits. In this case, the reading is not correct. So also keep in mind that the place should not be wet or wet (due to sweat) due to bathing. This can cause problems in real reading. If this happens, take the readings again.

3. Take care of the sick beforehand

When there are no symptoms, there is no problem. But the symptoms can emerge anytime for the elderly, sugar, BP, kidney patients. So whenever the corona report comes positive, such people must be in touch with the doctor. Keep checking oxygen levels and fever at home. If the oxygen level falls below 94 i.e. 90 and it stays for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, then please inform the doctor. If there is a sugar or BP patient then keep monitoring sugar, BP. If there are changes in them, please consult the doctor.

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