Some important things related to corona vaccine

Some important things related to corona vaccine

Some important things related to corona vaccine

Preparations for the elimination of Corona are in full swing. Not only India, the work of making vaccines around the world is nearing completion. Russia and China have even started producing a vaccine and have started employing people. In our country too, it is expected that in the next 3 to 4 months at least 2 companies will produce Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, a committee appointed by the government has reported that by February 2021, the corona will be controlled to a great extent. In this, the study has been done on the basis of mathematical model, and not on the basis of vaccine. The study has been named' Supermodel for Covid - 19'.

After completing all phases of the vaccine trial, it will have to meet every standard of international standard. Recognition from WHO ( World Health Organization) will also have to be obtained. All necessary steps until the vaccine in a whole are not, it would be difficult to bring the vaccine to people.

The vaccine will have the most important role in defeating Corona. So with the spread of the corona, work on the vaccine started. By the way, it takes years to prepare a vaccine for any epidemic. Since Corona has blocked the entire world, millions of people have died, so the challenge of preparing it as soon as possible has been taken seriously by scientists around the world. There have been many vaccine trials in different countries. Some of these vaccines are a few steps away from the floor and it is expected that the vaccine will be available in the next 3 to 4 months.  

By the way, more than 150 companies worldwide are working on the Corona vaccine. There are some of these companies that will soon develop the vaccine. They also include Indian companies 

Vaccine-making company indigenously

1. Covaxin : There is a lot of discussion in the country about this vaccine. It has successfully completed its 2 trials. The last round trial is also about to begin. The company making it is Bharat Biotech and the government body ICMR ( Indian Council of Medical Research). The special thing is that the country's Drug Regulator ( DCGI: Drug Controller General of India) has approved the last phase. It is expected that more than 25 thousand Laga will be included in the last phase trial. These people will be given 2 - 2 doses of vaccine at an interval of 28 days. This is a completely indigenous vaccine from Corona.

Where all Dayl : Delhi , Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , Maharashtra , Punjab and Assam

Result till : February

Expected to be available : March-April

Special What : Immune better, it Alhydroxiquim-II was added. This will keep immunity for a longer period of time and create more number of antibodies.

2. ZyCov-D : Zydus Cadila has developed a plasmid DNA vaccine named ZyCov-D. Its trial is also in the last stage. It is the country's fourth largest manufacturer of drugs.

Expected to be available : Expected by March next year

Some important things related to corona vaccine
                       These are some foreign companies

1.Covishield : This vaccine is expected to be ready by December 2020. It is being co-produced by Oxford-AstraZeneca. The results of its third phase are expected by the end of November. If this happens, vaccines will become available by February-March next year. The vaccine is being manufactured by foreign companies but its trial and production will be done in India with Serum Institute, Pune. The Government of India has made it clear that it will not rely on any one vaccine.

Where Trial : PGI Chandigarh, KEM Mumbai and 17 institute results

How long : until November

Expected to be available : By March

2.SputnikV: Russia overtakes the rest of the countries in making the vaccine. He had prepared the 'Sputnik V' vaccine only last month, but after applying it, very few side effects started appearing. It is now being said that this problem has been removed. The Russian Direct Investment Fund ( RDIF) has tied up with Dr. Reddy in India for the trial , production and distribution of this vaccine .

Expected to be available: January-February next year

3. Moderna : This American company has come very close to providing the Corona vaccine. The company is working closely with the National Institute of Health of America. Modern third phase trial on 30 thousand people

completed. At the same time , another dose has also been given to 25 thousand.

Expected to be available : January-February next year

4.Pfizer : It is also an American company making vaccines. The last trial of this company will also be completed by the end of November.

Expected to be available : January-February next year

5. Sinopharm: This vaccine is being developed by the Chinese government company China National Pharmaceutical Group Co.Ltd. This vaccine has completed 2 phases. The work of the third phase is in progress.

Expected to be available: March-April next year

What will happen after vaccine formation 

30 million people expect 3 vaccine in first phase

After the corona vaccine is fully prepared and approved, the government's plan is to identify those who are to be vaccinated first. It is certain that 135 crore people cannot get the vaccine simultaneously. Therefore it will be completed in several stages. Preparations are being made to vaccinate 30 to 32 crore people in the first phase .

Note : The first names in this list are those who are at high risk, ie those who have to do public dealing.

Healthcare Professionals : This includes doctors , nursing staff and other hospital staff. Both government and private personnel are included. According to estimates, the government and the private sector together around the country 70 million healthcare workers.

MBBS Doctor : 11 Lakh

Ayush Practitioner : 8 Lakhs

Nurses : 1.5 million

ANM and Asha Workers : Apart from this, there are 10 lakh other workers and cleaning workers.

Police and Army personnel : These are people who are more prone to infection than ordinary people.

Total number of policemen : 4.5 million

Army personnel who will be vaccinated : 1.5 million

Apart from this , there are also drivers , cleaners and teachers of community service , public transport . Their number is more than 1.50 crores 

Such people over the age of 50 years are at high risk.

Estimated population in the country : 26 crores

Sick people : Diseases that have the potential to weaken immunity , such as: Cancer , lung disease, kidney failure, liver problems and heart related diseases, etc. Patients will also be given priority to apply corona vaccine in the first phase itself. . 

The remaining people will be deployed in Phase 2 and 3 or even later.

The government believes that at least 60 crore doses will be required for vaccination of priority population . In this case, the scope of overlapping will also remain. 

        To avoid this …

  • Updation of stock position of vaccine
  • Store at the right temperature
  • Arrangements to track health centers
  • Private companies will also have a role to help in all these . 

People who are at high risk of corona , they will first get vaccinated

The Indian government has also started preparations for the introduction of the corona vaccine. Actually, there are many companies at home and abroad which are very close to production. In such a situation, if the preparation is not done in advance, then there is a problem in management after the vaccine. Can. Expert group made about the vaccine has drafted the plan. Inputs were also taken from central agencies and states. In the first phase, 23% of the country's population will be covered.

Preparing for storage

Corona vaccine is likely to be available in 2 to 3 months. The government is also making efforts to finalize cold storage on a large scale. These include talks with private and government companies in the pharmaceutical sector, food processing and agriculture. Apart from these, companies like Jomato and Swiggy who deliver food at home are also in contact so that their help can also be taken. The purpose of this entire exercise is to arrange cold storage at the tehsil level, which can store and distribute vaccines. For cold vaccine storage, cold storage is required where the temperature is below minus 80 degrees Celsius. 

Some important things related to corona vaccine

How many doses will it take

It is more likely that 2 or 3 doses of the Corona vaccine may be required. The vaccines of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech are double dose, while Cadila's zyCov-D may carry three vaccines.

Will a virus change affect vaccine potential ?

Experts say that there is little scope to affect the vaccine's potential due to virus changes or mutations.

Important thing

India is the highest Test in India after America

About 100 million tests have been completed so far. More than 127 million Tests have been conducted in India only till now. On October 23, 12,69,479 tests were conducted in our country. Will it be necessary to have an ID? For the vaccine, the government has clearly said that every citizen should get the Corona virus vaccine, many identity cards ( ID) will be used to decide it. For example , Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card etc. For all the information .... For all the information related to the corona vaccine, you can visit the TCMR website .

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