Ignoring bones can also be fatal.

Ignoring bones can also be fatal.

Ignoring bones can also be fatal.

Threatening osteoporosis fractures can be gauged by the fact that 50 percent of hip fracture patients lose their lives. Doctors say that this often happens within a year from the day of fracture. The reason is long bed rest, physical activity is over and medicines etc. This problem is associated with osteoporosis, a bone disease. Telling you about this disease of bones.

This is osteoporosis 

It is a disease of bones. In this, the bones start to weaken with aging and a stage comes in which the bone breaks due to a slight fall. This is called osteoporosis fracture and bone weakening disease is called osteoporosis. Doctors say that osteoporosis is seen in large numbers in people 60 years or older. The number of such people is increasing not only in the country , but all over the world.

However, doctors say that is far from osteoporosis youth , but 60 years and around the age of 30 people per cent are suffering from this disease. The age of osteoporosis in women is even lower.    

4 body parts , where osteoporotic fractures may occur

Osteoporotic fractures occur when osteoporosis takes serious form. Osteoporotic fractures occur at four places in the body the spine, wrist, hip, and shoulder. In all fractures other than hip fracture, the patient is sent home after surgery, but in hip fracture, the patient is kept in hospital for several days. Even after being discharged from the hospital, they have to do long bed rest at home. According to doctors, 30 percent of the 100 people are those who have hip fractures.     

This is not a necessary test in government hospitals

The patient explains assistant professor of Orthopidik department of the hospital has osteoporosis or not, find out for 'Deksaskan' the test name. But surprisingly, this test is not present in any government hospital. In all hospitals, doctors perform X-rays of the patient in their own way to determine whether the patient has osteoporosis or try to detect osteoporosis by the PQCT test. WHO also described Dexascan as the best for osteoporosis. is.   

Although some private institutions have this test facility. Only 3 of 4 costs of the Test between thousand. AIIMS may have this test but it is also used for research , not for general public. Patients in Safdarjung and RML are also unable to get this test facility.

At what  age are there more chances of getting osteoporosis

Women have osteoporosis more often than men. Osteoporosis disease is seen in men at the age of 60 or above but in women it starts from the age of 50. 

Increasing number of patients

Talking about a government hospital, OPD receives between 12 and 18 thousand patients every month. 30 percent of these patients are those in whom osteoporosis is found. Among them, more women who have menopause problems or those who are found to be more in deficiency in calcium and vitamin D.

This is why osteoporosis

  • Menopause problem in women
  • Sometimes, bones also become weak due to medicines.
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Vitamin D deficiency

Can be avoided

  • By adopting healthy lifestyle
  • Exercise or yoga
  • Distance from junk food
  • Controlling obesity
  • Nutritious diet 

Eat these things and complete calcium deficiency

  • Milk and Milk Fish Products                            
  • Flaxseed curd                                    
  • Almonds 
  • Green Leafy Vegetables Grains                    

Such as : - Orange juice broccoli, spinach, fenugreek, Kinova turnip etc.

The DexaScan test has been described by WHO as the best for detecting osteoporosis as it can accurately detect osteoporosis. 

Due to lack of lifestyle, calcium and vitamin D etc, bones are becoming weaker. Indian Osteoporosis Foundation says 50 each at the age of 3 to 1 girl and 5 in 1 is fracture the guy whose back osteoporosis due. 

Ignoring bones can also be fatal.

Pollution levels are becoming dangerous

Pollution levels in the capital are reaching critical condition. Those who are healthy, hurt them in breathing and is facing several other problems. People who suffer from asthma or heart disease, for their own situation is catastrophic. General Physician says that the level of pollution in this season becomes dangerous. Smoke emanating from large factories , smoke from vehicles, burning of pollutants are many other reasons due to which the level of pollution increases. In such a situation, while going out of the house, check the pollution level and prepare accordingly and get out of the house.

Pay attention to these things

Try not to come out of the house on a day of high pollution, but if you have to go out of the house, return and wash your face with warm water.

  • Clean the eyes and nose with lukewarm water. If there is pain in the throat or difficulty in breathing, then you can also take steam, if trouble increases, please see the doctor.
  • Water to drink that pollution on the essential because outgoing particles or gas are in your body, you may end up with water it. Drink four to five liters of water a day so that oxygen supply remains correct. 
  • Keep a good quality mask and glasses with you. Apply the mask to get out of the house, so you do not have trouble breathing. Also put glasses so that the eyes are not irritated due to pollution.
  • Take special care of children in this season. Do not let children play outside if pollution is in a bad condition.
  • Asthma and heart patients should come out with their medicines. Also, pregnant women try not to get out of the house due to such pollution and also apply mask in the house.
  • If pollution levels go to 150 or above, avoid things like morning walk, cycling.
  • Try to plant maximum trees, rooftops and trees around the house.
  • Use maximum vitamin C and omega 3 in food.

Now Ayurveda's antibiotic

Excessive use of antibiotics is causing resistance against them in bacteria and viruses. In such a case, Ayurvedic antibiotics may prove to be their alternative. A study by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhopal has found an Ayurvedic antibiotic drug Fifatrol effective against a major bacterial infection. 

Has full potential to fight against bacteria

Usually Ayurvedic medicines increase immunity, but Fifatrol has been shown to fight against bacteria. Initial results are encouraging. AIIMS Bhopal found in its research that fifatrol is extremely powerful against bacteria of Staphylococcus species . Many bacteria of this species are active, including the Aryas, epidermis, Spophyticus subtypes. It has been found to be effectively effective against all three bacteria. 

Fifatrol is prepared from 13 herbs 

Fifatrol is an anti-microbial solution prepared from 13 herbs, with a major share of five herbs and a fraction of 8 added. Fifatrol manufactured by Emil Pharmaceuticals has Sudarshan Vati, Sanjeevani Vati, Godanti Bhasma, Tribhuvan Kirti Ras and Mrityunjay Ras. While eight other medicinal next basil, mites, Ciryatra, weed, Giloy, barberry, including Kranj and Appamarg. According to Ayurveda expert, this research proves that there is a choice of antibiotics in Ayurveda which is completely based on herbs.

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